TrustPeers is an Incident Response technology company headquartered in Tel-Aviv with offices in the UK and Singapore.

By developing a platform that makes Incident Response easy, with a single, comprehensive, efficient system, TrustPeers sets a new standard in cyber-incident response on a global scale. With its on-demand SAAS platform enabling companies to access a comprehensive IR lifecycle control, on-demand forensics, automatic IOC’s intelligence and 24/7 SLA access to IR Blue-Teams through the TrustPeers community.

At TrustPeers you can find the Incident Response expertise you need. Available around the clock with leading Certified Service Providers ready to ensure your safety anytime day or night, TrustPeers reduces the cost of emergency measures, expedites time-to-resolution, and minimizes the extent of damage in case of cyber-attack.

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