Incident Response Life Cycle Management.

TrustPeers IR lifecycle management offers customized planning and practicing based on hundreds of real scenarios and playbooks. During an incident, customers may choose our experts to be your Blue Team and to provide on-point support, online forensics, remediation, reporting directly to management, where all activities and lessons learned are archived.

Incident Response War Rooms.

The highly secure 3 Factor Authentication accessed TrustPeers War Rooms' video, audio, and chat communications are recorded for subsequent replay and post-mortem. An ML bot monitors the client's network for real-time alerts on suspicious behavior, and in-depth reports are automatically generated and sent to the client's selected recipients.

Incident Response Automation.

TrustPeers created a bank of meticulously selected and tested certified automated IR tools and apps. Our proprietary solutions TrustDeploy and TrustRun respectively enable the automated deployment of appropriate IR tools, and the automation of IR forensic and output processing.

Incident Response Intelligence.

Reducing time-to-remediation, TrustPeers collects data from hundreds of IOC lookups, analyzes them, and correlates them with post-incident reviews, lessons learned, and clients' insights. TrustPeers also monitors incident reports and automatically generates Advanced Reports – Trending, Monthly Overview Analytics, and Operational Efficiency Analytics.