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IR Solutions are the industry’s weak link

Meet the IR platform that keeps you ahead of attackers

TrustPeers revolutionizes IR solutions with a real-time, on-demand, modular, adaptative platform that integrates your full IR lifecycle in a unified pane-of-glass hosting remote and in-house team, complete with incident-specific playbooks, activity and IOC recording, and customizable extensive automated report generation.

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Full Cycle IR Management

TrustPeers IR lifecycle management in a four phases PPRP - Plan, Practice, Response & Post Mortem that all benefit from:

  • Instant remote connection with global in-house IT and Cyber team, and external experts. No more lag time before tackling the incident!
  • Single pane-of-glass interface that connects to your servers and environment, generates activity log, records IOCs, and more.
  • Pre-loaded playbooks integrating MITRE ATT&Ck, NIST and SANS recommended procedures and are constantly updated with the latest lesson learned from similar incidents.
  • Secure encrypted 3FA full communication channel with built-in video, chat, screen-sharing, record, and replay.
  • Automated customizable report generation.
  • And more ...

Many more features are being introduced to the platform on a weekly basis to ensure the system keeps up with the advancements in the field.

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Incident Response Planning

Centralize your IR team, servers, environment, and log sources in a single, highly secure, fully encrypted War Room.

TrustPeers eliminates the time wasted in gathering the required material and in managing communication between internal and external response team members across Slack, email, WhatsApp, etc.

Create your team, with individual role assignment and attending access privileges, connect your environment and source material through encrypted channels, select playbooks or upload your own. You only need to do it once to be always ready.

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Simulations & Practices

Train your team in TrustPeers secure War Room with pre-loaded incident-specific attack scenarios and related playbooks.

  • Check your team readiness and correct weaknesses by checking the activity and IOC timeline logs, complete with chain of custody of IOC and artifacts stored in a single, secure repository.
  • Define the process for updating management and finetune the automatically generated reports’ templates to suit your requirements, customizing the information of each report template according to its intended recipient - IT, Finance, Legal, Marketing, Compliance Officer…
  • Integrate lessons learned from previous incidents.
  • And more...
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Cyber Crisis Management

TrustPeers repository of IR playbooks covering hundreds of different attack scenarios drastically cuts down incidents' MTTR and correlating incident-related data with previous customers' incidents and extensive IOCs data shrinks MTTI.

When an incident is detected

  • Call your entire team with a single click that summons all of them. Add or remove team members as needed.
  • Select the playbook best matching your incident and assign tasks to team members as listed in the action cards’ funnel in the kanban display.
  • Keep all relevant actors informed in real-time by clicking the report generation button, letting you focus on mitigating and resolving the incident.
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Compliance Control

Select all compliance regulations applicable to activate the corresponding action cards in the playbook.

Playbooks are constantly updated to reflect the regulations modifications as they are adopted, so your IR procedures are always compliant.

The automatically generated reports streamline your communication with compliance officers, eliminating the risks of fines for incomplete or delayed reporting.

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