Incident Response Flow Management

TrustPeers Incident Response Flow Management starts with mapping your network and assets when signing up. Training and simulation sessions enhance your team preparedness and reduce reaction time when an incident occurs.

Once an incident occurs, your team can access TrustPeers 3FA secured War Rooms through video, audio, and chat channels and by email. They can leverage the access to internal and external IOCs data and knowledge base, TrustPeers up-to-date certified IR tools, and continuously updated attack specific playbooks covering hundreds of scenarios, including Ransomware, DDoS, phishing and more.

When needed, your blue team can opt to enlist the assistance of one or more TrustPeers verified field-specific cyber experts, on an on-demand basis, or rely exclusively on TrustPeers experts. War Room sessions are monitored by TrustPeers proprietary AI TrustAuditor to detect real-time suspicious or abnormal behavior on your network and identify external and internal attacks, and with optional real-time TrustPeers supervision to ensure consistent optimal quality of service.

User-friendly in-depth topic-specific reports are automatically generated throughout sessions to ensure seamless communication with relevant C-level executives and PR departments. Comprehensive Post Incident Review covers action taken, lessons learned, and actionable recommendations to prevent the recurrence of a similar event.

Incident Response for Cyber Insurance

With 24/7 availability of leading experts across cyber fields and sub-fields, TrustPeers provides insurance companies with unequaled IR services at customizable pricing.

Relying on a pool of vetted cyber-experts, and on multi-vendor services, each with their own price list, TrustPeers provides insurance companies with optimal services at always competitive prices.

Designed to provide custom-made, on-demand services, TrustPeers spares insurance companies the need to invest upfront to secure services covering the entire cyber risk spectrum, while guaranteeing continuous access to field-specific leading cyber-experts located across the globe. This variegated skillset has privileged access to certified IR tools and to TrustPeers own IOC repository updated with War Rooms' historical and real-time data and leverages hundreds of external IOCs data and knowledge bases.

TrustPeers reduces the cost of emergency measures, expedites time-to-resolution, and minimizes the extent of damage in case of cyber-attack. The resulting cost-savings cover upfront and crisis management cost, and scope of insurance claims, as TrustPeers swift mitigation reduces breach-related financial and data loss damages.

Incident Response on Demand

To contact an expert, select the field-specific expert you need from TrustPeer's directory and opt for the plan you require.

TrustPeers partners meet you in 3FA secure virtual War Rooms, with direct access to an array of high-performance certified IR tools, TrustPeer's IOCs repository, and external data and knowledge base. TrustAuditor’s AI monitoring of suspicious or abnormal behavior on your network facilitates the detection of external and internal attacks, and continuously updated playbooks expedite time-to-remediation.

In-depth, easy to read reports are automatically generated in real-time and sent to selected recipients. Comprehensive Post-Incident Reviews are instrumental in preventing the recurrence of similar events. All sessions are monitored and recorded for subsequent replays.

When an attack occurs, call our office at any time. One of our team members will immediately assist you in identifying the type of attack and connect you with an available expert specializing in that type of attack or let you select the expert of your choice.

You only pay for services used, considerably reducing costs.

Incident Response Compliance Control

When signing-up with TrustPeers, your network and assets are comprehensively mapped, and TrustPeers identifies compliance gaps and recommends corrective action.

Data privacy protection is a cornerstone principle of existing and emerging regulations, yet it is increasingly complex to attain as attack complexity and diversity increase. Maintaining an in-house SOC team with the overarching ability to remediate all types of attacks before extensive damage has occurred is increasingly cost-prohibitive.

TrustPeers' verified cyber experts run TrustPeers proprietary and certified IR tools, correlate the collected data with internal and external IOCs, and provide swift resolution while maintaining across the board compliance. TrustPeers provides 24/7 on-demand access to verified leading cyber-experts continuously monitored for service quality, who benefit from TrustPeers array of certified, up-to-date IR tools.

In TrustPeers 3FA secure War Rooms, continually updated attack specific playbooks leveraged through our user-friendly drag and drop interface streamline resolution strategy and implementation.

Create your customized blue-team with TrustPeers experts, add your internal SOC team if relevant, and reduce time-to-resolution at minimal costs.

IR Simulations

From TrustPeers 3FA secured War Rooms, your team members communicate through fully encrypted video, audio, chat, and email channels internally or externally with their vendors or with TrustPeers verified cyber-experts. War Rooms are equipped with TrustAuditor, TrustSafe, and playbooks, all easily operated from War Rooms user-friendly drag and drop interface.

During sessions, TrustPeer proprietary AI technology TrustAuditor monitors your network for suspicious and abnormal activity and alerts you when internal or external attacks are detected. Continuously updated to integrate the latest information collected across TrustPeers war rooms and externally, playbooks are attack-type specific off-the-shelf strategy blueprints that considerably reduce time-to-remediation.

TrustSafe provides you with a secure, encrypted, external repository where you can store emergency plans and procedures, asset mapping data, or other data. TrustSafe protects the stored data from internal attacks and sabotage attempts, enabling you to share them on-demand with your team and external experts, from within the safe boundaries of the war room.

During a session, automatically generated real-time reports keep C-Level executives informed of the remediation process without interfering with the blue team efforts. After remediation completion, comprehensive Post Incident Review analyzes actions taken and lessons learned to provide actionable recommendations preventing the recurrence of a similar event.

IR Planning

TrustPeers repository of IR blueprints for hundreds of different attack scenarios drastically cuts down incidents' Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) and, correlating incident-related data with previous customers' incidents, and IOCs data reduces Mean Time to Identify (MTTI).

Building on extensive experience and historical data, TrustPeers attack-type specific playbooks cover the quasi-totality of potential incidents. Continuously updated to factor in the efficiency and MTTR of playbooks enacted in other War Rooms, TrustPeers playbooks provide streamlined advanced resolution strategy blueprints for a comprehensive array of scenarios.

These attack specific customizable playbooks provide your blue team, internal or external, with a step-by-step guide to remediation. Internal, external, or mixed Blue Teams can assign tasks and track and trace their completion status in real-time directly from War Rooms drag-and-drop single-pane interface and exert overarching control on all aspects of the remediation process.

Detailed easy-to-read automated reports are automatically generated and sent to select C-Levels executives, sparing blue teams the need to interrupt their mission to inform their managers.