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Stay up-to-date with dynamic playbooks that are the core of TrustPeers technology

TrustPeers Incident Response (IR) platform provides swift time-to-resolution through analysis and correlation of client's incident-related data and external data points and IOCs on similar incidents while monitoring data and activity and generating in-depth reports, preventing the recurrence of similar events, leveraging certified IR tools to accelerate forensic and investigation.

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Dynamic Programmable Playbooks

Based on TrustPeers incident-specific playbooks keep track of IR progress, updating each action card as the response progresses, providing step-specific instruction and global or action-card-focused chat channels to streamline communication. Overall remediation progress can be estimated at a glance by scanning cards’ progress status, responders can easily find which missions are assigned to them and their degree of priority, and the IR manager can monitor the entire process from a single interface and edit it as needed.

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Multi War-Rooms Platform

The highly modular structure of TrustPeers’ platform facilitates running multiple war rooms simultaneously.

  • One command room and multiple department war rooms - Large organizations can have a centralized command room relaying instructions to team leaders of department-specific war rooms.
  • Simultaneous attacks dedicated war rooms - When handling multiple attacks taking place at the same time, each attack can be handled in a dedicated war room, preventing confusion between action taken for each and accelerating MTTR for all.
  • Multi-pronged response approach - Different teams can be assigned the same incident but with a different response strategy, increasing the odds of a fast resolution and providing insights about optimal approaches for the future.
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Secured recordings and replays

All activity in a TrustPeer War Room can be recorded at will and recordings are stored in a secure, encrypted vault and available for replay as needed. Recordings include team members’ interactions through 3FA accessed TrustPeers War Rooms' video, audio, and chat communications channels, and all visual and audio activity taking place while the recording option is activated.

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Incident Response Intelligence

Detailed activity log, IOC repository and artifacts with full chain of custody, and step-by-step treatment of each IOC by responders, correlated with data from hundreds of IOC lookups, post-incident reviews, lessons learned across the platform, and analyzed by TrustPeers AI provide advanced intelligence, integrates it into playbooks templates and customizes them to individual needs.

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