Why TrustPeers?.

TrustPeers provides a flexible technological platform for handling incident response, totally workable alongside existing service providers and equally with TrustPeers trusted partners.

Simple, One-of-a-Kind Solution for Incident Response, from remote..

Noticing the difficulties that many companies and organizations faced when seeking Incident Response cyber-experts, TrustPeers provides a simple solution that provide access to top IR experts 24/7, in just a few clicks.

TrustPeers Understands Your Needs

TrustPeers understands the challenges faced by organizations and SMB’s in need of cybersecurity expertise, as well as those faced by the expert offering cyber-services.

The Challenges for Business Owners

When a company of any size is required to fine Incident Response expert, usually due to the lack of in-house expertise, they encounter several difficulties, such as:

  • Finding talented, trustworthy expertwithin a fairly small pool of local cyber security experts.
  • Finding cyber experts that have the specific expertise the company requires.
  • Going through an extensive screening process to verify the trustworthiness, capabilities and experience of the candidates.
  • Assessing the candidates professional abilities, as well as the work they perform once hired, without having the in-house expertise to do so.
  • Wasting valuable time on head hunting and screening, especially when there’s an immediate security threat that could potentially damage the company and/or their clients.
TrustPeers - The Fast, Secure and Simple Online Solution

Having encountered these frustrating obstacles over and over again in our own businesses, we decided to create a platform that benefits both the cyber-experts and the companies in need of their expertise, by making it simpler for them to connect and get straight to work.

The idea is to provide a platform of pre-screened, tested and verified cyber-experts and teams, offering specific cybersecurity sessions on demand, 24/7/365, for companies, organizations and anyone else in need of cyber-services.

Quick Response to Cyber-Attacks

When facing a hacker attack or any other immediate cybersecurity threat minimizing response time is vital to ensure that your systems and data stay protected and avoid devastating effects that can destroy your business. In order to make sure you can get you the help you need ASAP, we offer several emergency services, including:

  • Emergency video consult - An emergency video chat with a leading cyber-expert, available within 60 minutes to help assess the threat and guide you through the resolution, whether by instructing you as to the steps you should take to stop the attack or by helping you choose the precise cyber-session required to resolve the situation.
  • 24/7 Protection - Since time is of the essence, we made sure to provide you access to cyber-solutions at any time, day or night, so you can rest assured that help is always just a few clicks away.
  • Simultaneous Sessions - With TrustPeers, you can choose a single or simultaneous response sessions, allowing you to work simultaneously with several experts at the same time, whether in order to choose the best one for your needs, or to save time by working simultaneously to end the attack.
We Perform the Screening for You

At TrustPeers, we use our own expertise and experience in the cybersecurity field, in order to pre-screen candidates, choose the top experts, and offer a system of ratings, badges and tags to indicate their level of experience, abilities and reliability, as well as their specific expertise. Once screened and rated, the experts are added to our platform, offering a variety of cyber-sessions, according to their expertise and specialized skills.

Companies in need of these security services can then simply log on to our platform, locate the cyber-session they require, choose the expert that best suits their needs and get straight to work securing their systems and data.

We even offer monitoring services, wherein one of our own cyber experts oversees the work performed by the freelance cyber-expert to ensure the best outcome.

Customized Cyber-Security Sessions

Having worked in and managed various entrepreneurial ventures, we, at Trustpeers, understand that, aside from various cybersecurity needs, different companies have different structures, levels of expertise, and - of course - financial abilities.

Therefore, in order to make our cyber-sessions accessible to as many businesses as possible, we made sure to include customization options for our sessions, so that businesses of various types and sizes can benefit from cybersecurity solutions that suit their unique structure and needs.

Choose your Security Category

The customization of your cybersecurity begins by selecting the security category you require, whether you need an immediate threat removed (incident response), a thorough testing of your systems to avoid future risks (penetration testing), or insuring you are in compliance with the latest data protection requirements.

Enjoy a Pool of Top Experts to Choose From

Within each category you can find specific cyber-sessions offered by various leading experts, each including the details of their skills, experience and expertise, enabling you to find the perfect team or solo expert for the job.
The session plans also include the experts’ availability (how soon they can get started), completion time (how soon they can perform the task) and price quote, so you can find just the solution you need, and have it completed according to your time and budget requirements.

Choose the Best Price and Completion Time

As similar sessions are offered by several experts, you can compare the price quotes, time to completion and availability for the various experts and select the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Decide How the Session is Conducted

But it doesn’t end there, since, once you choose your session, with a specific expert, you can also choose how the session will be performed (the connection type). Here you can select between 4 options:

  • Desktop Sharing - The cyber-expert connects to your desktop remotely and performs the required security session.
  • Desktop guidance - The cyber-expert guides you through the necessary actions while connected to your desktop remotely
  • Safebox - TrustPeers provides you with a safe cloud environment where you can place the corrupt files, thus providing the expert safe access without allowing them access to your systems.
  • Safebox with Access - The entire session is performed within a safe cloud environment that Trustpeers provides.
Get Extra Protection

Just in case you want to be extra sure about the outcome, we even offer monitoring services, with one of our own cyber-experts overseeing the work performed by the freelance cyber-expert to ensure the best outcome.

More Solutions, Less Time and Expenses

With Truspeers you gain instant access to a wide range of cyber-sessions, each offered by several specialized, trusted cyber-service providers. The variety of sessions and experts means you can find all the solutions you require in one place, and at the best price available.

Cancellation and Refund Options

At TrustPeers, we understand that things don’t always go the way you expect, and that is why we enable you to ‘test out’ your session first, just to be sure the session, and the expert or team providing it are everything you expected. If you are unhappy with it you can cancel within the first 15 minutes and get a full refund, so you can go on to find the right session for your needs.

For Cyber-Security Service Providers.

The Challenges Faced by Freelance Cyber Experts

While cyber experts are in high demand worldwide, and usually not short on work opportunities, as freelancers, they do face the constant need to prove themselves to every new client. This, much as it is for the companies doing the hiring and screening, is a time consuming process, which, as freelancers, experts must undergo over and over again, costing valuable time and effort, especially since they have no assurance of getting the job at the end of the process.

TrustPeers - the Platform that Can Help Grow your Business.

With TrustPeers you can forgo much of the time and effort normally spent on finding new clients, and going through their screening and testing processes, by joining a platform where you can gain instant access to businesses worldwide, with whom you can get straight to work, no further vetting required.

How is this Possible?

In order to join TrustPeers, we will conduct a thorough screening process to ensure your capabilities, experience and reliability, and once accepted, you will be able to get straight to work with our clients - no further testing required.

Have Clients Chase You

Once you join the platform you can choose which of our sessions you would be willing to offer clients, and receive badges and ratings based on your experience, expertise and abilities. You can also choose how much to charge for each session and note your degree of availability as well as how long it would take to complete a task. Knowing that you have already undergone extensive vetting and verification, businesses owner looking for the services you offer will now be constantly exposed to your session profiles and contact you to request your services.

Increase your Income

By gaining immediate exposure to numerous businesses and organizations all over the world, you can count on a steady flow of clients coming in and ensuring your income. In addition, you can benefit from our cyber-emergency solutions by offering fast response times, for which you can increase your price quote significantly.

Grow and Scale your Business

Thanks to the steady workload, as well as the fact that you won’t be required to undergo screening for every new client, you can easily focus on growing your business and even up sizing your team. You can choose to collaborate with or hire one or more of the other experts offering their services on our platform to create a more comprehensive service and offer a wider variety of sessions.

Specialize and Focus on What you Enjoy

With different types of cyber sessions, and an endless stream of clients looking to book them, you can be more selective with the type of services you offer, focusing only on those services that interest you and becoming a leading expert in those fields. The constant access to other cyber-experts and businesses looking to hire them, will also help you keep in touch with the market trends and thus keep your business relevant and up to date.

Save Time and Money

Since you will no longer need to undergo screening and testing for every new client, you will be able to save a great deal of time and effort by focusing solely on your actual work. In addition, you will no longer need to spend time or expenses on advertising and self promotion, since we will do that for you!