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TrustPeers changes the traditional Incident Response paradigm, by turning chaos into a controlled event that can be swiftly managed, mitigated and audited.
TrustPeers methodology covers the entire IR lifecycle organized in a four phases: Plan, Practice, Response and Post-analysis.
With relevant live and historical data, IOC, connected SIEM and SOAR, log repositories, compliance, and more, centralized in a single location accessible immediately by your pre-approved teams.
Off-the-shelf incident-type playbooks are self-improving with TrustPeers Machine Learning and panel of experts that continuously update to correlate accumulated data and lessons learned from multiple data sources and similar incident responses.
The result is accelerated MeanTime to Resolution (MTTR) through analysis and correlation of client's incident-related data and external data points and IOCs on similar incidents while generating data and activity in-depth reports, preventing the recurrence of similar events, leveraging certified IR tools to accelerate a forensic investigation..

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Single communication hub
With your globally located blue team members in TrustPeers’ secure, encrypted war room with 3FA access to audio, video, chat, shared screen, general and topical forums.
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Centralized timeline
Collect all activity log, step-by-step IOC timeline updated by responders as it happens, add newly emerging documentation, all in a single investigation board.
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Single secure repository
Keep the chain of custody with TrustPeers’ repository of IOCs and artifacts.
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Unified emergency connection hub
Centralize connection to all your environments and servers in a single point to accelerate the blue team's reaction time.
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Unified up-to-date Process
Above standard Keep everyone updated and informed of progress at a glance with customizable, automatically generated reports.
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Get ready only once for all subsequent stages of any IR lifecycle. Comprehensively map your assets and network and set up your blue teams and management team.
  • Create your team - Pre-approve all team members, assign them roles and access privileges so they are available at a click when needed. Add/remove team members in real-time as needed.
  • Centralize - Connect your environment, source material, log repositories, communication channels, and work management apps, i.e., Slack, WhatsApp, email in a single-pane-of-glass highly secure, fully encrypted War Room to gain time and efficacy.
  • Customize - Select compliance regulations, relevant SIEM/SOAR, scenario-specific IR plans, report formats for teams, management, compliance officers...
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Train your team in TrustPeers secure War Room with pre-loaded incident-specific attack scenarios and playbooks integrating MITRE ATT&Ck, NIST and SANS recommended procedures and constantly updated with the latest lesson learned from similar incidents.
  • Monitor your team readiness and correct weaknesses by checking the activity and IOC timeline logs, complete with chain of custody of IOC and artifacts stored in a single, secure repository.
  • Streamline the process for updating management and finetune the automatically generated reports’ templates to suit your requirements, customizing the information of each report template according to its intended recipient- IT, Finance, Legal, Marketing, Compliance Officer...
  • Integrate lessons learned from previous incidents.
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With your team already pre-screened and trained, and your environment, servers, documentation, and communication hub centralized in a single, secure location, when an incident happens, you can immediately:
  • Summon your entire team with a single click, and meet them in a unified, secure environment with full communication channel and recording options. Add or remove team members as needed.
  • Select the playbook best matching your incident and assign tasks to team members as listed in the action cards’ funnel in the kanban display.
  • Keep all relevant actors informed in real-time by clicking the report generation button, letting you focus on mitigating and resolving the incident.
  • Send compliance officers fully updated automatically generated reports with detailed activity logs within the time frame required.
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After remediation completion, a comprehensive Post Incident Review analyzes actions taken and lessons learned to provide actionable recommendations preventing the reoccurrence of a similar event.
  • Accelerates insurance claim procedure - All the required proofs and documentation necessary to lodge an insurance claim, including compliance with standards and regulations, are centralized in a single point.
  • In-depth punctual and historical analysis - New team members have immediate access to all relevant environments and selected recordings of previous practices and responses, greatly simplifying knowledge transfer to new workers and accelerating their learning process.
  • Streamlines new hires onboarding - Keep all relevant actors informed in real-time by clicking the report generation button, letting you focus on mitigating and resolving the incident.
  • Post-analysis - Access to detailed activity logs, IOC and artifacts chain of custody, session recordings, timelines of events and responders actions, and more, increases the depth of understanding of strength and weaknesses and the insights from lessons learned.
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