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Five Crucial Steps for CEO in Case of Ransomware Attack

A ransomware attack affects all aspects of an organization and the CEO involvement from the start is critical to minimize the damage.

Author: TrustPeers team 3 Min read | June 12, 2021

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Ransomware Attack Crucial Steps for CEOs

Due to the nature of ransomware attacks, mitigating them requires the active participation of departments other than IT. Decisions such as whether or not the cost of paying the ransom exceeds other alternatives, evaluating the immediate and long-term financial and operational impact of the attack, and taking remedial action are the responsibility of the CEO.
TrustPeers' Dynamic Playbooks and Table Top Exercises prepare both your IR and your management teams to work in tandem and respond in optimal time and with maximum efficiency from detection to resolution.

Download this incident response playbooks presentation that delineates five steps CEOs must have in mind to swiftly resolve a ransomware attack.

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Our proprietary crisis management SaaS platform is based on a unique PPRP (Planning, Practice, Response, Post) methodology that revolutionizes existing Incident Response (IR) solutions by handling the entire incident lifecycle.

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