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Ransomware Table Top Exercise Scenario

Getting ready to tackle a ransomware attack can only be achieved through practice. This ransomware attack scenario is based on a real-life case.

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Ransomware Attack Crucial Steps for CEOs

Defined by the White House as a national threat, ransomware attacks are a growing threat to any organization connected to the Internet. Ransomware attacks can bring an organization to its knees and lead to bankruptcy. Knowing what to do when the attacker strikes can make the difference between a bump in the road and a lethal blow. So it is crucial to be prepared and have the necessary knowledge and structure in place to react rapidly when the attack takes place.

TrustPeers' Table Top Exercises prepare both your IR and your management teams to work in tandem and respond to a ransomware attack in optimal time and with maximum efficiency from detection to resolution.

Download this scenario based on a real-life attack and practice with your team to be prepared.

Meet TrustPeers

TrustPeers is an Incident Response technology company. It develops an innovative Cyber Crisis Management platform that saves organizations in real time, by allowing them to prepare for attacks and take control over cyber emergencies.

Our proprietary crisis management SaaS platform is based on a unique PPRP (Planning, Practice, Response, Post) methodology that revolutionizes existing Incident Response (IR) solutions by handling the entire incident lifecycle.

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