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TrustPeers' Tabletop Exercise is a cost-effective tool to validate and improve plans and capabilities.
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Ask executive managers to list what keeps them up at night. Most will mention "a cyber-incident".

Being prepared for a cyber-crisis while complying with regulatory demands is critical to ensuring the future of their organization.

Experience gained during tabletop exercises is often the best way to prepare teams to respond effectively to a Cyber crisis.

Train your team within a secure War Room with pre-loaded attack scenarios. Discover the best incident response methodologies from constantly updates playbooks.

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10 things you will get:
  • Assess your team readiness and validate your preparedness program
  • Identify and correct planning and procedural deficiencies
  • Assign roles and responsibilities
  • Build strengths by checking the activity and logging of IOCs
  • Mean time to Recover (MTTR) - Ongoing management of an incident including monitoring of time frames
  • Improve coordination between internal and teams
  • Make decisions under fire: parallel war rooms for technical and non-technical staff to handle their respective facets of the incident
  • Integrate lessons learned from previous incidents
  • Measure improvement compared to performance objectives
  • Define the updating process and customize automatically generated reports templates according to your organizational requirements for all stakeholders including CEO, IT, Legal, Finance, Compliance Marketing and PR

All sessions are recorded to enable for full analysis during post-incident review, and iterative improvement in team performance. The entire Tabletop exercise is delivered online, using the TrustPeers Platform.

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Our Methodology
TrustPeers PPRP® methodology covers the entire IR lifecycle organized in a four phases: Plan, Practice, Response, and Post-analysis.

With relevant live and historical data, IOC, connected SIEM and SOAR, log repositories, compliance, and more, everything is centralized in a single location accessible immediately by your teams.

Off-the-shelf incident-type playbooks are self-improving with TrustPeers Machine Learning and panel of experts that continuously update to correlate accumulated data and lessons learned from multiple data sources and similar incident responses.

The result is accelerated MeanTime to Resolution (MTTR) through analysis and correlation of client's incident-related data and external data points and IOCs on similar incidents while generating data and activity in-depth reports, preventing the recurrence of similar events, leveraging certified IR tools to accelerate a forensic investigation.