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TrustPeers proprietary technology revolutionizes Incident Response (IR) solutions with its real-time, on-demand and adaptive platform.

Integrate your IR full lifecycle, from planning and practicing to emergency execution and reporting with TrustPeers as-a-service unique system.

TrustPeers provides swift time-to-resolution through analysis and correlation of client's incident-related data and external data points and IOCs on similar incidents while monitoring your data and generating in-depth reports, preventing the recurrence of similar events, leveraging certified IR tools to accelerate forensic and investigation.

Available 24/7, TrustPeers’ community field-specific experts direct IR counterattacks by video, audio, or chat from the 3FA secure TrustPeers War Room. Sessions are encrypted and recorded, while calibrated AI monitors the sessions’ participants and signals suspicious behavior and provides on-point recommendations.

How TrustPeers Improve Your Incident Response?

Holistic Solution.

TrustPeers revolutionary integral Incident Response (IR) solution is a custom-fit technology to remedy cyber-attacks that covers planning, practicing, and executing. Communications are hosted in a highly secured online War Room with four levels of remote access, monitored by machine learning bots, leveraging IR certified tools and automations.

Regulation Compliant.

As new data privacy protection local and global regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, 23 NYCRR 500 keep emerging, TrustPeers planning, practicing and on-demand war rooms ensures that your organization is compliant-ready at all time.

24/7 Blue-Teams Availability.

TrustPeers' community of certified cyber experts is available 24/7. No more delays due to a missing skill set in your team. TrustPeers's on-demand session gives you immediate access to leading certified cyber-experts covering all cyber-security fields of specialization.

Simultaneous Investigations.

The global TrustPeers Blue Team community experts collaborate with your in-house team and vendors in simultaneous sessions, compressing incident remediation time.

Verified IR Tools.

Never lack for the optimal detection or remediation tool and never risk executing non-verified versions and scripts. TrustPeers grants you access to an extensive bank of peer-reviewed IR tools tested by leading cyber-experts from TrustPeers Community.

Smart Insights.

Efficiently collects hints and data points from swift correlation of war rooms activities with previous company data, similar events and worldwide accessible IOCs databases, all is done with a monitoring and control system to provide arrays of in depth at-a-glance reports and analytics.

“TrustPeers platform saves us thousands of dollars in in-house expenses and their War Room, with off-the-shelf playbooks, provides speedier and comprehensive response when an incident occurs.”

CTO – A leading global shipping company